Help Ukraine Animal Shelters

Lulubelle Dog Grooming helps to support the great work being done by Ukraine Animal Shelters.  The war in Ukraine has not only affected the people but unfortunately the often forgotten dogs and cats, left homeless through many reasons.

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Nonprofit organization changing lives of pets since 2012.
Over 10K animals saved
Home to 400 dogs and 200 cats

If you wish to make a donation, please use a PayPal money transfer to : 

"In our city the front lines are from 3 direction. It’s been one month of war, but thanks to our army the life here is going on. 
We are also a transit hub for all refugees that are fleeing from the fronts towards the West. Some bring their animals with them. The others just cry that they left their animals behind. It’s mentally hard to realise that you cannot help, because you are surrounded by war yourself. There are too much pain, sorrow, and disaster around.

In our hearts we are prepared to go to those badly affected areas as soon as possible, because we are the nearest, but for now there’s nothing we can do. We can only hope for the best and pray that people who survives at the front lines now, will survive until the help will arrive.
One woman from the occupied Militopol will bring me 4 doggies tonight. Her house was burnt down. She found a place to stay but without animals. Hopefully more survivors will flea and hopefully with their animals."


Please follow their feed on Instagram: @shelter_friend_ukraine